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  1. March Collection

    Wednesday, March 14, 2012

    Summer is coming oh so fast! We need to take out our summer dresses, pastel-colored blouses, and short shorts. And to give our outfits more statement.. We should accessorize, of course!

    They say that accessories spice up every get up, but why not make them "sweet"? For this summer collection, accessories are made as eye candies or should I say.. eye cupcakes! Come on and eat up these scrumptious-looking earrings, necklaces, bangles, and rings! :)

    Here are the prices! :)

    P 130 each  set

    P 140 each  set

    P150 each set



    These are P85 only

    These are P90 only

    These are only P100

    These are P65 only

    Separate rings (P90 each)

     These are P90 only

    These are P100 only
    The Cupcakes are made by my baker Abi. They are as delicious as they look! She also took these shots of my accessories. She's amazing! Thanks again Abi! :)